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On April 25th, 2023, GN Group of Institutes, GNIT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida Celebrated "World Malaria day" by organizing an awareness Programme with the theme: "Time to deliver zero Malaria- invest, innovate, implement"

The awareness drive was full of informative sessions and activities such as poster presentation, oral presentation, skit performances performed by B.Pharmacy students.
All students of B.Pharmacy and D.Pharmacy with faculty members attended this enriching Programme.

The event started with an informative speech delivered by the Director, Dr. Mukul Singh, GNIT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida, followed by this Students of B. Pharmacy presented the Poster presentation, oral presentation. A skit performance based on awareness of Malaria was also performed by the students.

The session was ended with the price distribution to all participants and winners that are as follows:

  • Oral Presentation:


B.Pharm. 1st Year: Aditi, Ankit, Adarsh, Koushik.
B.Pharm. 3rd Year: Astha
B.Pharm. 1st Year: Piyush darmwal, Abhishek Prasad, Adarsh

  • Poster Presentation:


B.Pharm. 1st Year: Varsha
B.Pharm. 4th  Year: Sumit Nagar, Vikas Patel
B.Pharm. 3rd  Year: Kajal
B.Pharm. 4th  Year: Prachi Kushwaha
B.Pharm. 3rd  Year: Vandana  Astha, Neha, Soni
B.Pharm. 1st Year: Shubham, Sudhanshu
B.Pharm. 1st Year: Hariom, Raunak Ranjan, Hariom yadav
B.Pharm. 2nd Year: Nisha
B.Pharm. 3rd  Year: Vishal Sahani
B.Pharm. 1st Year: Harkesh, Ashu, Furqan
B.Pharm. 4th  Year: Kishan mishra
B.Pharm. 1st Year: Ritika, Rekha

  • SKIT: On awareness about malaria precautions and treatments participate by B.Pharmacy students.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Anil Kumar Sahdev, HOD, GNIT College of Pharmacy with the closing of the beautiful awareness Programme.