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Soni Chauhan B.Pharm. (Final year)  

It gives me immense pleasure and a different sense of pride when I say that I’m the student of GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida. This place has given me so much, be it academically, professionally or personally. The entire journey here has been thrilling and exciting. Everyday had something new to teach. The curriculum is well designed and the professors here are extremely helpful. The cordial relationship with the teachers has helped me get a great the knowledge that the college has exposure. Imparted me has truly impacted my life. The labs are well equipped and the campus is very beautiful. Besides the academics, teachers are also willing to help at their personal level whenever possible for them. It's a great platform to explore the various cultural and fests which are amazing. Everybody in the college is very helpful. The lab assistant, non teaching staff everybody is very cooperative and helpful. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to the college for overall grooming and molding.

Kishan kumar B.Pharm. (Final year)  

I am glad to share that our college is good in academics as well as extracurricular activities which help us to build self confidence and personality. It's a ocean of knowledge and experiences for students over there. The favorable learning environment and extracurricular activities helped me to be more confident to face the industry. It was my immense luck and fortune to be the part of GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, where I can grow. The entire faculty and department leaves no stone unturned to shape one's future. My four years at institute    have been a wonderful experienceof learning with prolific exposure to outside. Huge respect, love and devotion for entire faculty members and department. It's their efforts that make me to count myself into better professionals. 

Rahmat Raja B.Pharm. (Final year)  

My four years at GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, were great and a memory to cherish for lifetime. It was full of learning and grooming oneself. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind of people and learned many things. I am thankful to all the faculties, mentors, lab assistant and non teaching staffs. Overall it was a great experience and lifetime memory at GNIT.


Harsh Mittal D.Pharm. (Final year)  
GNIT College of Pharmacy is great place to learn. It gives me great to say with pride that i have completed my D.Pharmacy from this Institute. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The Training and Placement cell is very supportive and they have conducted various sessions which helped me to get placed.

Mukul Ambadata D.Pharm. (Final year)  

College has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The Teachers are helpful and very well-qualified, and teaching quality is good. The course curriculum is very relevant and students get industry-ready. I have always found a positive and healthy environment in college. Both studies and co curricular activities are given equal importance. In COVID -19 pandemic colleges has arranged various webinars for improvement of our communication skills, personality development workshops by using digital platform. The students are engaged in studies but also in project works, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The education that you'll get, and the overall experience that you will take with you will become some of your best memories in time.   

Prashant Solanki D.Pharm. (Final year)  
The campus, amenities, well-established labs, and the most important part of any college, "the faculty" here is truly amazing. The college has significantly transformed over the last decade and I am happy to see the efforts taken to make the students industry-ready by training them for different job roles and other aspects like soft-skills. I am truly blessed to be a part of GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, and will forever be grateful for the constant support and guidance I have received from the faculty and the management.

Tarun Kumar B.Pharm. (Final year)  
It is rightly said that "Life is not about chasing, it's about living". The 4 years in GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, was worth living and cherishing for rest of my life. The immense guidance and support from teachers helped me to groom myself for a better life.The appreciation in the form of trophies and certificates had always boosted me up for working hard and to improve in my academics as well as in my extracurricular activities.The college stood by me in all my thick and thins and made sure I progressed at every step.To be a student of such a great institute gives me dignity and pride.I feel privileged to carry bagful of
memories throughout my life.            

Sujay Sarkar B.Pharm. (Final year)  

A beautiful campus with one of the best infrastructure, classmates from different cultures, classroom equipped with latest technology are just few things that has made my experience at GNIT College of Pharmacy, overwhelming andtrulyinspirational. GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, has been a great contributor towards my personality over the past few years. I have established my leadership, time management & team skillswhich has been useful as working as a general secretary throughout the year. The professors here makes the college what it is today with an attitude of being ever ready to help, they are the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed institution. The in classroom & out of the classroom experience at the campus not only aided me in taking up leadership roles but also assisted me to turn into team player, a pronounced capability that is much needed in today's world

Akarmul Haque B.Pharm. (Final year)  

GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, is all about good vibes, positive energy and enthusiasm where each day is an adventure. The environment being so friendly that anyone could fit in better. The teachers are dedicated and flexible and they made learning fun and easy. The library and the classrooms are more functional creating an enthused environment. Getting myself involved in co-curricular activities enhanced my self-confidence and working skills which would help me in long run. New opportunities knock in the door everyday and that's the best part being here.

Mohan Kumar D.Pharm. (Final year)  

Success is what everybody in this world strives for, a person without dreams is but a mere animal.  The driving force to my success has been the adrenaline rush to achieve something and also help others to achieve something similar. My college has been an industry which produces talents. My college has been one of the best tools that shaped my success. It taught me some very life sustaining lessons; I would term them to be quite different from what I learned at school. I take this opportunity to salute the teaching and non teaching staff for their valuable support and guidance; I would also like to  share the credit with these people for parenting my success. When I walk down those ever precious memory lanes, I smile at the days I wept for petty things and now I shed tears to bring back the days I smiled like an innocent kid. 

Umesh Kumar D.Pharm. (Final year)  

It was all possible by college immense support, timely guidance from faculty members, personality development and industrial oriented programs conducted at our college which helped me to groom myself and give a perfect start to my professional life. Getting placed through campus and in one of the most reputed pharmaceutical company is just like my dream comes true.

Guddu Tiwari D.Pharm. (Final year)  

The experience at GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, was enriching in terms of technical skills and research training. Since, my course was very much research driven, I have learned a lot of basics of research and development with the help of distinguish faculties at GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida. The teaching style was very much impressive in the nanotechnology and material science for sure. I would say GNIT has taught me a lot of technical skills from which I shaped my career as per my interest.

Prachi Mehta B.Pharm. (Final year)  

GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, has been nothing less than what I had hoped for. It has nurtured me and made me what I am today. Four years spent here was splendid. It broaden my knowledge and endured me with career excellence. It helped me excel professionally as well as personally. I always amaze by large library in our campus with plethora of books which ensures quality support to the studies. Apart from academics our college always allows us to pursue our extra talents and recognize us. Icing on the cake is our beloved Principal, Professors and staffs, they always inculcate the   spirit in us to stand amongst the well versed environment and impart quality education. Over all these things I love the most in our college is green environment and good infrastructure and lab facilities.

Prasenjit Roy B.Pharm. (Final year)  

My Four years at GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida,  have been excellent. The faculties of Computer Science Engineering have been very supportive throughout the course. They guided and motivated me to pursue my dreams. Thanks to placement cell for captivating many prestigious firms and helping me during the recruitment process. Today, GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, is offering every student a better way forward.

Aayushi Singh B.Pharm. (Final year)  
I am really thankful to GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, especially, the Training and Placement Cell for giving ample number of opportunities to help me get through best of the Companies. The endeavour and enthusiasm of Training & Placement Cell is very appreciable. Placement cell took a number of measures to ensure that students get properly placed and made best of opportunities available for us which led to my placement. I wish good luck to the coming batches of my Institute.  

Sumit Kumar D.Pharm. (Final year)  
First of all I would like to thank my faculty members who turned out to be my support system during my academic career. The quality of education imparted by the GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, is exhaustive and helpful for a career oriented student. The regular activities conducted by the Institute enabled me to take a step forward, motivated me to maintain harmonious relations with everyone and taught me how to work as a team.

Amir Hussain D.Pharm. (Final year)  

I came to GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, with a dream and now my dreams have come true. I am feeling very delighted because GNIT has given me the opportunity to pursue my career in marketing by providing me a campus placement in my choice of company. I want to thank GNIT and all my faculty members as well as non-teaching staff for helping me to choose the right path and encouragement provided to me during the selection process. I express my heartfelt thanks to the Training & Placement team of GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida.

Dharmendra Kumar D.Pharm. (Final year)  

I completed my D.Pharmacy from GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida. We are guided to work hard and faculty members are very cooperative. In my opinion it is the best place where every student gets equal chance to learn. Students from all corners of the country as well as foreign countries learn together in a conducive atmosphere. As a fresher everyone wants a kick start and I can proudly say that GNIT have given me that opportunity and I will recommend this Institute to all.