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Extra Curricular Activities

GN GROUP OF INSTITUTES, GNIT College of pharmacy, On 9th October 2023 Induction programme continued by Fostering Creativity by B.Pharm. Students The induction event for B.Pharm. students was marked by a series of creative competitions aimed at enhancing the creative skills of the participants. These competitions included a Rangoli competition, poster presentation, vase painting and pharmamodelling. The day witnessed impressive performances from all students, showcasing their creativity and talent.

The Rangoli competition was a visual treat, where students demonstrated their artistic abilities by creating vibrant and intricate designs using colored powders. Each team displayed remarkable precision and creativity, making the judging process a challenging one.

Rangoli compitition: First position
* Sakshi
* Gunjan
* Nidhi Bhati
* D.Pharm 1st year

Rangoli compitition: Second position
* Lokesh kumar
* Arshi
* Manisha
* Harsh jha
* B.pharm 1st year

Rangoli compitition: Second position
* Sharansh
* Shiv panwar
* Sumit
* B.pharm 1st year

The poster presentation competition allowed students to communicate complex pharmaceutical concepts through visual aids. The topics covered a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical subjects, and students presented their research findings and ideas effectively. The posters were not only informative but also visually appealing, demonstrating the participants' dedication to their academic pursuits.

Poster presentation: First Position
* Aarchi Jain B.Pharm 3rd year

Poster presentation: Second Position
* Aayush Pathak
* Harshit Pandey
* Ishu Tonger B.pharm 1st year

Poster presentation: Third Position
* Shivangi Bharti B.pharm 3rd year

Pharmamodelling provided a platform for students to bring their pharmaceutical concepts to life through 3D models. Participants showcased their understanding of drug formulations, drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical processes through innovative models. These models were not only visually striking but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Pharmacy model exhibition: First Position
* Saransh Sharma
* Shiv panwar
* Mausa Ali
* Shoaib

Pharmacy model exhibition: Second Position
B.Pharm 1st year
* Harshit Pandey
* Ishu Tonger
* Aayush Pathak

Pharmacy model exhibition: Third Position
* Anshul yadav
* Ankit
* Anuj D.Pharm. 1st year

All students exhibited exceptional skills and enthusiasm during the competitions. Their creativity, attention to detail, and ability to convey complex ideas through art, posters, and models were commendable. It was evident that they had put in significant effort and dedication to prepare for these competitions.

The induction event for Pharmacy students was a resounding success in nurturing and celebrating creativity among the participants. These competitions not only encouraged creative thinking but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among the students. The event was a testament to the potential and promising future of these budding pharmaceutical professionals.