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Welcome to GNITCP

Our Department of Pharmacy, One of the premier pharmacy departments of the GN Group of Institutes. The Department of Pharmacy has been in existence since 2018, offers 2 years diploma with intake capacity of 60 and 4 years degree fulltime course, with intake capacity of 100. Pharmacists are health care professionals whose professional responsibilities include seeking to ensure that people derive maximum therapeutic benefit from their treatments with medicines. This requires them to keep abreast of developments and advances in knowledge & technology related to manufacture & use of medicines, professional standard requirements, laws governing pharmacy, etc.

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Why Choose GNIT CP

Research Oriented Learning

Research-oriented teaching provides students with lectures and courses that directly refer to research. Based on current research topics and research results, students are given insight into scientific work in their discipline. In addition, students gather theoretical knowledge about their subject, realize the practical relevance of this knowledge, and are enabled to derive new, own findings by applying this knowledge. Research-oriented teaching interlinks the theoretical and practical parts of scientific knowledge acquisition. This helps the students develop specialized know-how and enhance their multidisciplinary competences.

Placement Oriented

The Placement Cell plays a crucial role in locating job opportunities for D.Pharm. and B.Pharm. passing out from the college by keeping in touch with reputed firms and industrial establishments. The Placement Cell operates round the year to facilitate contacts between companies and students. The number of students placed through the campus interviews is continuously rising. On invitation, many reputed industries visit the institute to conduct interviews.

Expert Instructors

To shape and mold the success of a student’s future, we must provide them with the right tools and resources to help them advance in their academic achievement. To accomplish these goals and objectives, instructors can mentor students of all ages in research-based programs that go beyond the standard tutoring methods. Interactions between instructors and students enhance the self-confidence of the student and create opportunities for students to think, reason, and communicate at a higher level that produce superior academic results. “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Doren


The scholarship is financial aid provided to a student by an appropriate authority. It has changed the lives of many students and helped them to achieve success and fulfill their dreams. Not everyone is financially strong to pay their college fees in this situation the scholarships are boon to students who are finding difficulty in paying their college fees.


Every time when it comes to sports, a common question is asked by the people that “what is the importance of sports in students life?”. We say studies are important but we can’t neglect the importance of sports in student’s life as it is important for our well being. Sports helps you in maintaining a good physical health. Also, sports increases the self-esteem and mental alertness .

Educational Tour

An Educational Tour or A Field Trip is a visit to a place away from their normal place of study. The purpose of this trip is to provide students an experience outside the class rooms or labs. It also provides an opportunity non experimental research and helps bring all the students to a common platform irrespective of their social, economic & cultural background.

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