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Director's Message

Dear Students, It is my great pleasure to welcome you all at GNIT College of Pharmacy. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. This is precisely the mission of GNITCP, our faculty and staff as well as our student & supporters. Pharmacy is a noble profession and an integral part of health care system worldwide. It is the branch of science concerned with discovery, development, production and distribution of drugs. Already Pharmacy discipline has made an indelible mark as an independent mature profession. Pharmacy discipline has grown tremendously and recent advances in technology have created plenty of job and research opportunities. GNIT College of Pharmacy is student centric and ready to face the global challenges of pharmacy profession. Our B. Pharm. & D. Pharm. Curriculum is designed in that direction by Intellectuals Lots of growing pharmaceutical industries, increasing number of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinical research centers all over the country has given several avenues and golden opportunities for job in Pharmacy discipline. Pharmacy professionals can also start their own business. Job opportunities has also expanded to government departments and teaching.

I hope that such value based education and holistic approach provided by the GNIT College of Pharmacy will transform the students from novice to experienced and accomplished professionals. GNITCP provides exciting and engaging environment for students to peruse their studies as well as engage in activities which make them successful human being.

Best wishes!
Dr. Shikha Parmar