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Industrial Visit

NIAM Analytical and Research Laboratory

GNIT college of pharmacy, Greater Noida, organised an industry visit for students enrolled in B. Pharm. 3 rd year On November 27, 2021, the NIAM Analytical and Research Laboratory, UDYOG KENDRA II, PLOT NO. 281 FIRST FLOOR, ECOTECH III, GREATER NOIDA, GBN, UP 201310, welcomed 31 students and four faculty members: Mr. Gaurav Saxena, Mr. Sudhir Mishra, Mrs. Babita Rawat, and Ms. Komal Gurnani.

Our students have gained valuable knowledge about how business operates on a commercial basis. They were so committed to acquiring a better understanding of a cutting-edge analytical facility specialising in food and beverage testing as well as toy testing. Students got a broad awareness of a variety of topics and developed a firm grasp on the core concepts of customer expectations.

NIAM Labs provides the food and beverage industry with a range of chemical and sensory analytical testing services. Analytical testing, which is frequently referred to as materials testing, is a broad word that refers to a range of procedures for assessing the chemical composition or physical properties of a particular sample. NIAM laboratories are well-established and comprise a diverse range of divisions, including food and beverage testing, pharmaceutical testing, toy testing, and a variety of other related services. Food and beverage analysis is a critical component of product development and quality management in order to ensure product safety and conformity.

Toy safety is the process of assuring the safety of toys, particularly those meant for children, by adhering to specified safety standards. Commercial toys must pass numerous countries' safety tests before they may be sold. While guidelines are in place to prevent mishaps, numerous high-profile product recalls have occurred as a result of such problems. Frequently, injuries and fatalities are the result of causes other than poor design; both usage and chance have a role in injury and death situations. All of these sectors of the economy are still in their infancy in our country, and hence have significant possibility for expansion.

The current labour market's growing competition and scarcity of industry-ready workers served as the impetus for organising such trips to provide hands-on experience in the field for our prospective pharmacy students. All students engaged actively in this session and posed questions to Dr Vivek Parashar and his colleagues about industrial management and instrumental methods of analysis, as well as ICH standards and job opportunities in today's climate.A skit was performed by the students of B.Pharmacy on “SPREADING AWARNESS ON COVID-19” depicting the role of Pharmacists to assure the same and importance of vaccination for the on spread disease. The event was concluded by Vote of Thanks by Mr. Anil Sahdev, HOD, GNIT College of Pharmacy.