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World Health Day 2023


"                                                                                                                                              World Health Day was commemorated at the GN Group of institutes GNIT College of Pharmacy, Greater Noida. The World Health Day 2023 event occurred on April 7, 2023, from 10:00 A.m. to 1:00 P.m., with the theme "HEALTH FOR ALL." The World Health Organization will celebrate its 75th anniversary on World Health Day.World Health Day covers a wide range of themes and focuses on contemporary health issues that require immediate attention. The World Health Organization has helped the general public understand health problems, their causes, and effective treatments.

In collaboration with Dr. Chauhan Sanjeevani Hospital, Greater Noida, the GNIT College of Pharmacy gave free health evaluations. Body weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels, Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, BMR, and SpO2 saturation level were all normal by the health evaluation.

Shri. B.L. Gupta, Chairman, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, and all of the other Directors, Deans, Library Head, Heads of all Departments, Professors, and employees from the GN group of institutions kicked off the celebration. The program is free and open to the public. Dr. Mukul Singh, Director of the GNIT College of Pharmacy, welcomed attendees to attend.

Our respected Chairman, Sri B L Gupta, delivered inspiring talks during the event. He said World Health Day was kicked off to mark the foundation of the WHO. In 1950, the first World Health Day was celebrated on April 7, and since then, it has been observed every year on the same day. The theme "Health for All" aligns with the thought that health is a basic human right and everyone must have access to the health services they need when and where they need them without facing financial hardships. In keeping with this notion, functional nutrition is important for achieving equal health outcomes. Food as medicine has grown in popularity in recent years as more individuals recognize the influence of nutrition on general health and wellness. The main goals and strategy are to raise public awareness of various causes, provide detailed information on how to prevent various illnesses, and inspire international health experts to do their best to improve health conditions in their country and others. It provided information on World Health Day, commemorated to raise awareness of the significance of global health for our pharmacy students and other participants. This day increases public awareness of health and medical issues each year. The student was present for the poster display. The director and the head of the pharmaceutical department to a volunteer.

World Health Day 2022

World health day was celebrated by GNIT College of Pharmacy, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida. The event was organized 7th April, 2022, during 10:00 am – 1:00 pm . The theme for World Health Day 2022 is ‘Our Planet, Our Health’. This year’s theme aims to direct global attention toward the well-being of our planet and the humans living in it. World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated on the 7th April every year. World Health Day focuses on contemporary health issues that require immediate attention, with varied themes. On World Health Day 2022, World Health Organization will focus global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being. The World Health Organization has done its part to raise awareness about health and health-related concerns, as well as how to address them.

GNIT College of Pharmacy organized free health checkup camp with estimation of normal parameters such as body weight, Blood pressure, Blood glucose level, Heart Rate, Pulse Rate, Blood groups, Rh factor, Hemoglobin etc. The event started with arrival of our Honorable – Shri. B.L. Gupta Chairman, GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida, All Director, Dean, Library Head, HOD, Faculty and Staff members GN Group of Institutes, Greater Noida participated in this camp. Dr. Anju Gauniya Director, GNIT College of Pharmacy welcomes all and motivated to participate in this event.

The event included Motivational Speeches by respected chairman sir and given the information to our pharmacy students and all members that the world health day is explicitly celebrated to catch eye regarding the matter towards the significance of global health. This day is set apart by the World Health Organization. This day is celebrated every year to make awareness about the medical problems and health worries among the whole population. Student participated in Poster Presentation. Token of appreciation given by Director and HOD pharmacy department to all volunteers.

The essential goal and plan behind the event of world health day are to expand the public familiarity with different causes, to give point by point information of getting prevented from various illnesses, to motivate the global health experts to attempt their endeavors in making the sound conditions in their nation and others.