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Holi Celebration 2023

Holi is the festivals of color, joy, and happiness. Holi usually marks the welcoming of spring, fertility, harvest and bright colors in the world after the dullness of winter. The festival marks the celebration of good over evil. Holika Dahan, held a day before Holi resonates with the fact that evil cannot hold for a long time.

GN group of Institutes celebrated this colorful festival with the theme “HOLI KE RANG- GN GROUP KE SANG” on 4th March 2023 with management and all their faculty members. Department was decorated with colors of Rangoli done by students provided a perfect ambiance to the festivity. The Holi party was planned with all the activities and joyful Music system. The ambience was highly joyful. Various activities such as Musical chair, dance performances, Tambola was played by different department’s faculty and staff members.

Following the activities, everyone enjoyed mouth-watering food with lovely music all around and played Holi with different colors.